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Barry Athletic Bowls Club

Club By-laws March 2017

Barry Athletic Bowls Club - Bowls Section

By-Laws March 2017


1. Name: The section shall be called the Barry Athletic Bowls Club and shall comprise of the Bowls Section of the Barry Athletic Club Ltd.

2. Interpretation: In these by-laws, the expression ‘the Club’ shall mean the Barry Athletic Club Ltd; the expression ‘the section’ shall mean the Barry Athletic Bowls Club. The expression ‘the management committee’ shall mean the committee of the Barry Athletic Bowls Club and the expression ‘the by-laws’ shall mean the by-laws of the Barry Athletic Bowls Club. ‘The rules’ shall mean the rules of the Barry Athletic Club Ltd

3. The Laws of the Game: The laws of the game shall be those of the International Bowling Board.

4. Club Colours: The club colours shall be purple, black and gold.The club badge shall be worn on a navy blue or black blazer and the club tie will be purple black and gold as approved by the management committee. Playing shirts will incorporate club colours, with the design as agreed by the management committee, and in accordance with the regulations of the Welsh Bowling Association and other governing bodies and associations. Dress standards for all club games, including pre and post-match dress will be as agreed by the management committee and in accordance with the regulations of the Welsh Bowling Association and other governing bodies and associations

5. Membership: Members of the section will be:

  1. Life Members.
  2. Tier 1 Playing Members
  3. Tier 2 Playing Members
  4. Junior Members aged under 16
  5. Student members aged over 16 following a full time course of further education
  6. Temporary Members whom the management committee will have powers to accept on such terms as the management committee determine.
  7. Social Members.
  8. Honorary Social members

* Tier 2 playing members shall not be eligible for selection for club matches, nor entry to club competitions. They will not receive complimentary items of club wear although they can purchase said items at the retail cost

Only members in categories 1) 2) 3) 4) and 5) are entitled to vote at any meeting of the section. Application for membership shall be made on the approved form and sponsored by two members of the section. Membership applications must be accompanied by a letter from the proposer giving the credentials of the nominee. The application shall be posted on the notice board for a period of not less than 7 days before placing it before the management committee for consideration and recommendation. The decision of the management committee shall be final. Playing members shall not exceed 120 at any time.

6. Subscriptions: Entrance fees and subscriptions shall be due and payable to the Treasurer on 1st January each year by all classes of members of such amounts as may be determined by the management committee. All members whose subscriptions are not paid by 1st May shall lose privilege of membership until such time as their subscriptions are paid.

7. Management Committee: The management affairs of the section shall be vested in a committee comprising of the following:

  1. Chairman
  2. Vice Chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Captain 1st team
  6. Vice Captain 1st Team
  7. Captain ‘A’ Team
  8. Captain Mid Week Team
  9. Club Competitions Lead
  10. Fixture Secretary
  11. Sponsorship and Events Lead
  12. Estates and Maintenance Lead
  13. Profile and Media Lead
  14. Bar and Catering Lead
  15. Recruitment and Coaching Lead
  16. Green Manager

The management committee shall, subject to the rules of the Barry Athletic Club Ltd and the by-laws of the section, have full control over the affairs and conduct of the section including the power to make regulations covering matters not dealt with by the said rules and by-laws and power to fill any casual vacancies which may occur on the management committee.

A quorum shall consist of six members except in the case of an emergency to decide whether the green is fit for play when the decision will be made by a member of the management committee. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairman will have a second casting vote.

The management committee shall meet at least once every two months and any two members of the management committee shall have the power to instruct the honorary secretary to call a meeting of the management committee, three days notice thereof will be given to members. 

The management committee shall appoint a Bar and Catering lead who will exercise day to day responsibility for the management of the bowls pavilion bar and for co-opting members to support the lead. The Bar and Catering Lead will be responsible to the management committee for the fixing of prices and the appointment of co-opted bar helpers.

The management committee may appoint for special purposes and with such powers as they may deem fit, sub committees (including thereon members other than management committee members) whose recommendations shall require confirmation from the management committee.

8. Selection Committee: The selection committee shall consist of the Captain and vice captain of the first side, captain and vice captain of the A side, Mid week captain, mid week vice captain and one elected member, all of whom with voting rights.

9. Chairman: The chairman or vice chairman shall preside at all General and management committee meetings and, in their absence, the members present shall  elect a chairman for the meeting.

10. Correspondence and Records: The honorary secretary shall maintain a record of all correspondence of the club and shall keep a record of the minutes of all meetings, the election of members and results of all club matches and competitions.The honorary secretary shall keep a register of members and make such alterations as become necessary from time to time. Members shall communicate to their honorary secretary any change of their address. Such address shall be inserted on the register of members and all notices delivered to such address.

11. Non Playing Members: Non playing members are those persons who have made or will make a practical contribution to the work of the section. They shall be limited to such members as shall be determined by the management committee and they shall not be entitled to bowl.

12. Junior and Student Members: Junior membership shall be open to players under 16. Student membership shall be open to players aged over 16 who are following a full time course of education. Junior and student members shall be entitled to take part in competitions and be eligible for team selection.

13. Visitors: Every member shall have the privilege of introducing friends to the section occasionally but it is expected that no one will abuse this privilege. The management committee will annually determine a green fee for this privilege and such charge will be displayed in the bowls pavilion. The management committee however may at any time suspend or withdraw this privilege. A member introducing a visitor shall be responsible for the conduct of such visitor. No person may be introduced as a visitor who has been rejected as a member or who has been suspended or expelled from membership of the section.

14. General Meetings: A general meeting shall be held on the last Saturday in September or such near convenient time as the management committee shall determine for the election of officers, committees etc for the ensuing year, for the appointment of two auditors for the coming year who shall not be members of the management committee and for the transaction of competent business and to receive an interim financial report. A quorum shall consist of 15 members. All questions except as defined in rule 21, alteration to by-law, shall be decided by a majority of those present and voting. A nomination form for candidates for office and their nominators will be posted on the section pavilion notice board 28 days before the date of the general meeting. 

Every candidate for office shall be nominated in writing subject to his consent, and in accordance with the previous paragraph by two members and the nomination shall be made at least three days before the general meeting. Where there are three or more candidates and no candidate receives a majority vote, the voting will take place by elimination until one candidate receives the required number of votes between the two candidates. The chairman at the meeting shall use his casting vote.

A further general meeting shall be held on the first Friday in April or such near convenient date as the management committee shall determine, to receive statement of accounts and financial position of the section, and for the transaction of other competent business. 

Notice of these general meetings with an agenda of business shall be delivered to all members at least seven days before the date of the meeting.

15. Special General Meeting: The honorary secretary shall call a special general meeting to be held within 14 days after being requested to do so by the management committee or by requisition signed by at least fifteen members, stating the purpose of the meeting. If such a meeting be held during the playing season, notice of the meeting with the agenda business shall be placed on the section pavilion notice board at least seven days before the date of the meeting. If held at any other time it shall be convened in the same manner as the general meeting. A quorum shall consist of fifteen members.The chairman shall have a second casting vote at the general meetings and special general meetings.

16. Accounts: All monies payable to and by the section shall be paid to and by the treasurer who shall keep a banking account in the name of the section. All accounts shall be submitted to and passed by the management committee before payment. Cheques shall be signed by any two of the three mandated officers, treasurer, secretary, and/or chairman, although subject to the discretion of the officers a cheque may be signed by only one officer to enable urgent business to be transacted.

17. Treasurer’s Account: The treasurer shall submit to the April general meeting audited section accounts together with estimates of unpaid and contingent liabilities. The treasurer’s books shall be closed on the 31st December.

18. Prohibitions: No member shall play on the green unless wearing smooth soled heel less shoes of a pattern approved by the management committee. Dogs shall be allowed in the enclosed premises only when under proper control.

19. Opening and Closing of Green & Pavilion: The green and the pavilion shall be opened daily during the bowling season and, during the months that the green is closed, the pavilion shall be open as the management committee shall from time too time determine. The green and pavilion shall be closed at such hours as the management committee shall from time to time determine. No play shall be allowed on the green before 10.30am. Play is allowed at any time in special circumstances at the discretion of the management committee.

20. Refreshments: The charges for refreshments shall be fixed by the management committee.

21. Alterations to By-Laws: These by-laws may not be amended or added to except at a general meeting or special general meeting and that 21 days notice of any proposal amendment or addition must be given to the secretary in writing and must be approved by not less than half of those members present and voting.

22. Notice of Motion: Notices of motion (other than an amendment to the by-laws) to be proposed at a general meeting shall be submitted in writing to the secretary not less than 14 days prior to that meeting.

23. Interpretations: The management committee shall be the sole authority for interpreting the by-laws and regulations of the section for settling all disputes relating to the affairs of the section or to the conduct of members or visitors subject in all respects to the control of the management committee of the club. Any resolution passed by the management Committee within the scope of its powers and any resolution or amendment of by-laws passed by the members at any General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall become operative immediately on the passing thereof.

24. Mobile Phones: Mobile phones are banned from the green and green surrounds during club matches except that the captain may authorise use for emergency purposes only.

25. By Laws: Copies of these by-laws will be published on the Club website and a copy shall also be available on request in the club pavilion.

26.  Standards of Conduct: All members are expected to behave within the standards of conduct as defined by the management committee and available on request in the club pavilion.